5Dimes Casino

5 Dimes Casino is a website dedicated to online gambling and it is in possession of its own mobile version, 1000 wagering options (as its subtitle reads), countless games, excellent customer service and it is capable of offering its members not 1 but 5 different casinos: Grand Casino, Jackpot Casino, HitReels Casino, Bonus Casino and MatchPlay Casino.

Grand Casino features more 200 games. Among these are 8 different kinds of Blackjack, a couple of Video Poker titles, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and of course – a huge gallery of Slots (over 90 of them). This is the biggest casino in 5 Dimes. The paytables of all the available games are extremely generous and their visual design is characterized with smooth animation and attention to detail. The casino is available for Download and Instant Play. All you need to do in order to get started with it is to go through the simple signing up process.

Jackpot Casino hosts more than 120 games, proudly labeled as the most innovative and unique titles that can be found online. There are both three-dimensional and regularly constructed slots with exceptional sound design. Table games, video poker and keno can also be enjoyed. This particular casino offers players to bet on horse races, the checkbook for which is also rendered in beautiful 3D. The casino is available for mobile devices and desktop.

HitReels Casino also offers numerous titles that will provide players with the ability to savor countless satisfying gambling thrills while sitting comfortably in front of their computers at home. Naturally, HitReels is also available for playing on mobile devices. The slot games of the casino’s galleries are the newest released, featuring the most innovative and engrossing gameplay styles.

Bonus Casino is popular in 5 Dimes as the casino that provides the best possible chances for giant earnings. All the games in Bonus Casino have great payout values and the gameplays allow for extremely high payout percentages. The casino has also been given the Certified Fair Gambling RTP Certification, which makes sure that gamblers will be highly rewarded. Players can enjoy their favorite gambling titles with a considerably higher chance of earning prizes than that of most of the other casinos online or they can choose the Play for Fun option just so they test their skills without the possibility of losing any money.

MatchPlay Casino also offers very high-quality games, all of which will impress with their rich gameplay, realistic visuals, excellent sound design and profitable features. The most popular choice of the casino’s members is the single-deck blackjack and if you are a fan yourself you can enjoy it at any hour of the day. Examples of other top picks of 5 Dimes’ members are Lucky 7 Blackjack as well as Super Fun 21. Registering in the website is very easy and you can gain access to its unlimited comforts almost instantaneously.

5 Dimes’ casinos offer everything a passionate gambler might require from an online gambling website with great games, profitable features and beautiful looks.

A Confusing Main Lobby

5Dimes casino online is actually several different casinos offered under the same name. That means that the main lobby for the casino is quite confusing and filled with lots of different options to choose from. As a player at the casino looking to get started you must choose from one of the five different casino options. These different casinos all offer different games and features and they work differently for gamblers. Serious players will have to take the time to learn about the different options and to pick the one that they like the best.

Sign Up and Play

Becoming a member of 5Dimes is easy to do. Simply click on the “Register Here” button and enter in your information. Once you’ve done that you will be ready to play at the site. The web form only takes a few minutes to fill out and there are few other steps involved with becoming a member of the casino and sportsbook.

Most Non-European Players can Join

There are many European countries that are restricted from playing at 5Dimes casino, but gamblers from much of the rest of the world have access to the site without issue. Gamblers from countries like the UK, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Portugal, Switzerland and the Ukraine aren’t allowed to join the site. That means gamblers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most of Asia and many other countries around the world can join without a problem.

More than 300 Different Games

There are games at each of the five different casinos within the 5Dimes casino umbrella. Between all these different options there are well over 300 different games to choose from. The Grand Casino offers more than 200 games to choose from including plenty of slots, baccarat, craps, video poker, and more table games to pick through. The Jackpot Casino is home to higher payout slot and table games. There are immersive 3D slots here, video poker games, keno and more with over 120 different options. At the Bonus Casino you’ll find games with the highest RTP (Return to Player) out of all the games offered at 5Dimes, making this an excellent place to go to play if you want the best chances of winning. The Gold Casino is loaded with Las Vegas style casino games that will help give you a feel of playing in Sin City itself. The Match Play casino also offers a good selection of table games, poker, video poker and table games to choose from. Every player should look at all five casinos and decide if any of them are a good fit for them.

An Excellent Variety of Slot Games

5Dimes casino offers a good selection of slot games to choose from in a bunch of different categories. Serious gamblers can pick up different slots in each of the five different casinos. Between all these different casino options it’s easier than ever to find the slot games that you’re most interested in. The Jackpot Casino has some of the most modern slot games, but the Grand Casino has a big selection of slots to choose from as well.

Play the 5Dimes Games Free

Players that are interested in getting to know the games in the different casinos don’t have to worry about spending real money to test them out. Many of the games are offered with a free play demo mode. To access this free play mode for the different games gamblers only have to register for an account and start playing. They don’t even have to make a deposit to try out the different games.

Lots of Real Money Gaming Opportunities

For the gamblers that visit the site to wager using real money, there are a huge number of options to work with. Players can conveniently switch between hundreds of different games, some with low payouts and more consistent wins and others with massive prize payouts that happen less consistently. No matter what sort of gambler you are, you can make the most of your time at 5Dimes casino by choosing to play games you are most interested in.

New Slot Games are Added Occasionally

Between all five of the different casino options new games are added on a regular basis and you’ll always have options to test out. If you decide to stick with one of the five casino options specifically, you will have less new slot opportunities to take advantage of. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is something to think about as a player at the casino.

Casino Specific Promotional Opportunities

There are new player and ongoing bonus offers for gamblers depending on the casinos that they play at. Players that use the MatchPlay casino have access to different bonuses than gamblers at the Grand Casino. With all these different bonus options available there is something for everyone. New players should look at the opportunities at each of the different casinos before deciding where they want to play, but there are some excellent options for most players.

Sunday Night Slots

The Grand Casino offers slot tournaments every Sunday night to interested gamblers. These special tournaments give players a different way to play the different games and to experience the casino in general. If you’re interested in gambling online at the casino you might enjoy having access to these tournaments to help you remain competitive as you wager online.

Mixed Casino Payouts

Just like everything else at 5Dimes, your payout results while playing depend on the casino you decide to play at as well as the game you choose. If you go to the Bonus Casino, you’ll enjoy access to some of the most consistent casino games available today and will be far more likely to unlock bonus payouts than other gamblers are. If you go with the Jackpot Casino you’ll play some games with much larger prize payout opportunities, but you’ll have to wait longer for those payouts. Choose the type of prize payouts you want and then choose a casino based on that information.

Grand Casino VIP Rewards

Members of the Grand Casino at 5Dimes will unlock comp points just for playing the different games they enjoy playing. The more these players wager the more points they will unlock. Over time those points can be traded in for money to use to wager with at the casino. There are special promotions that increase the number of comp points given out as well. Between these different benefits there is a lot to be gained by playing at the casino.

Mobile Wagering is Fully Supported

Mobile wagering is simple to do and fully supported at most of the 5Dimes casinos available today. To enjoy mobile wagering on the sites simply access them using your smartphone or tablet. By doing that the different games will load up right in the web browser and make wagering on them simple to do. Once the site is loaded up and you’re signed in you can begin wagering using real money or play money.

An Online app for Instant Play

5Dimes relies on instant play casino technology, allowing you to begin wagering on the different games as soon as you visit the site. If you join the site you’ll have access to all the different games without downloading software to use them. It’s all available right in the web browser, which is pretty convenient.

It’s not Possible to Play Without Registration

There are some casinos that allow the different games to load without going through the registration process. This isn’t the case at 5Dimes casino. Gamblers that want to test out the different games on the site are free to do so, but they must go through the free registration process first. This doesn’t take much time at all and is essential in order to test out the different games.

A Direct Affiliate Program

5Dimes offers an affiliate program designed specifically for the casino as opposed to an affiliate network like is offered at many of the other online casinos. The program offers a revenue share program that offers up to a 20% revenue share, or a CPA setup that gives out a flat payout for each new player brought to the site. Between the two options it’s easy to receive compensation the way you want from the casino.

A Reach Sports Betting Platform

5Dimes offers a powerful sports wagering platform and gives bettors a chance to wager on a wide range of different sporting events. This means that sports bettors can play casino games while also wagering on different sporting events around the world all with the same account at 5Dimes. This is one of the biggest advantages that the casino has to offer. Not only is there sports betting available, but there is an active racebook as well at 5Dimes casino.

No Blog or Forum Support

5Dimes doesn’t offer any sort of blog or forum on any of its different platforms. Players that want to connect with one another will have to do it using other forums around the internet. Without a blog gamblers will have to rely on the front pages of the different lobbies around 5Dimes in order to learn about the latest features and the most exciting events. It’s a shame that these features aren’t offered on the platform, but it’s still easy to find out about the latest offers and to make use of the most exciting promotions without a blog to spread news around.

Live Dealer Roulette

For the gamblers that like live dealer gambling there is a live dealer roulette game to play. This is the only live dealer game currently offered at the site though, making it a limited opportunity. Players that are looking for other live dealer games will have to rely on a different site instead.

Banking Tools at 5Dimes

As a player at 5Dimes casino you have plenty of different banking options to make use of for depositing and withdrawing money. When making deposits credit cards, P2P, bitcoin, bank wires and account transfers can all be used. When looking to take money out of your account cashier’s checks, money orders, Bitcoin, Bank wires and account transfers are all potential options. It’s up to each player to decide which method works best for them and then to go with that tool.

Bitcoin is Readily Supported

As far as different payment methods go, Bitcoin is a popular payment tool that’s supported for deposits and withdrawals into the casino. This tool is rapid and makes it possible to move money around without getting caught with fees like some of the other withdrawal methods come with at 5Dimes casino.

All the Help You Need

If you decide that you need help from the casino to resolve an issue you’re facing there are many different tools available for you to seek out help through. There is the long FAQ section that answers most of the common questions. There are different customer support numbers to call to talk with the support team immediately. There is also a live chat tool that you can use to get the help you need. If all those options aren’t enough there is email support at 5Dimes casino as well. All the different methods can be used by most gamblers at the site and these different methods make it easy to get the help that you need as well.