What is DBA at 5Dimes

What is DBA at 5Dimes
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One of the many security systems, which keeps 5 Dimes’ members’ accounts, identities and earnings safe is called Device-Based Authentication or DBA for short. Hackers and frauds, who are active in cyberspace frequently breach personal information and accounts in order to benefit themselves. 5 Dimes urges all its members to put DBA to good use. Whether or not you consider DBA’s services to be valuable, you should definitely have it and keep it on, if you sign up on 5 Dimes, because the management team of the website has the right to refuse to investigate a security problem if the member has not activated the Device Based Authentication service or if he or she has turned it off despite having it.


What the hacking criminal would go for is the username and the password of the account. This can be prevented by a number of security questions and pieces of personal information, which the hacker might be unable to get to and so he would be prevented from getting the necessary information needed to commit the crime but admittedly, such a long period of authentication would worsen the player’s experience of the website. Nowadays, illegally acquired user names and passwords and accounts attacks are extremely common. So what DBA does is to create additional protection against such frauds, which verifies the true nature of the user who is accessing the account. It checks not simply the username and the password but it also identifies the device that is used, the location of the person, the browser that is used to enter the website and multiple other bits of information, all of which are then compared to the information corresponding to the true user.

Using DBA

The member will get to make a choice whether to activate DBA the very first time he or she logs into 5 Dimes. There are two options – choosing to activate it or choosing to activate it later. Those who choose to turn it on will have to use a Secure Link and a Code, which they can acquire via an email. The Security Link will have to be clicked and the Code will need to be entered, after which the DBA will become active. Once this happens, the detailed collection of information associated with your profile will be considered safe for all log in-cases in the future. More examples of such pieces of information include Cookies, Language, Operating System, Software, IP address. If, for whatever reason, one of those bits of information is changed, the authentication process will need to be redone. Players can choose to confirm any device they want to so that it becomes part of the information used by DBA. Deactivating the system is simple enough: log in from an authenticated device, go to Account and then to Security Settings and finally to Device-based Authentication, where you can find the Turn It Off button. At the very moment you do switch it off all the previously confirmed information will be deleted, which will leave the account open to attack and that is why you are not advised to turn it off for whatever reason.

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