Rival Powered Casino

Slot games are created by all manner of companies, yet some are more popular and well-known than others. No doubt you have heard of Rival Gaming - one of the best online slot game developers around, in our opinion.

But maybe you're not convinced. Maybe you're wondering why you should choose their games, and why you should opt for a Rival-powered casino over those that use other games. If so, allow us to try and convince you why these casinos are worth joining.

You get access to the full Rival Gaming collection of slots

And that means there are lots of slots to play! If you have ever joined an online casino and been disappointed by the games you found there, don't worry. This won't happen if you make sure the casino you choose has that all-important 'Rival powered' message somewhere on the screen. You will typically find this at the bottom of a page.

You can play all the best iSlots created by Rival

Have you heard of iSlots? These are slots that are unique to Rival Gaming. They tell a story rather than simply providing you with a regular slot game to play. A great example of this is the As the Reels Turn series of slots. There are three of these, and each one is an episode in the story. Furthermore, each game has a game map, and consists of various scenes in the story. You'll find yourself totally immersed in these games, and that makes them very popular.

You will be able to play all the newest game releases from Rival as soon as they are available

It's frustrating when you realize a new game is out, you want to play it, and you can't find it anywhere. If you love Rival slots, you're guaranteed to get access to them all when you join a casino based on their software. The moment a new game is released, you'll know it will be in the casino for you to try out.

There are plenty more reasons why you might want to join a Rival-powered casino, but we feel these are the main ones to be aware of. Will you give one a try to see how appealing their slots are? If so, there is no better time than now. Lots of Rival casinos also have great welcome deals, so be sure to claim yours.