Rewards and Promotions at 5Dimes

5 Dimes offers a variety of bonus promotions and awards of every kind imaginable for all of its members to acquire, enjoy and benefit from. Naturally, different offers fit different styles of play so as a potential member, you will need to select the one right for you. You can always contact 5 Dimes' customer support team in order to find out with an operator's help the best suited promotions to your individual needs. The first thing that a member of the website needs to do is to familiarize oneself with its Rewards Program. Every new player will start with the same program. From then on, if the member wants to make the best out of promotions that are not on that program, the customer support team will have to be contacted. When the website offers players some kind of a bonus and they accept, they automatically agree to the terms and conditions.


The Reduced Juice Rewards are connected to NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA and other sports events. These offers are generally announced on the day of the particular event. The website also offers free-play, match play and Lotto rewards. The awards for new players start with a 50 percent match bonus that can go as high as 520 dollars that can be used in the Sportsbook. There is also a 50 percent match play casino reward. The Lucky 7 Lottery Promotion gives members 77 1-dollar bet attempts to get gigantic Pick 3 and Pick 4 type awards. There are also Reload-type of prizes. The Sportsbook Free-Play Rewards offer as much as 500 dollars based on the amount that the particular player restores in his or her account. The Casino Match Play Rewards deliver a 33 percent bonus and there are also Lotto prizes. There are also a couple of Cash Back awards - one of them can bring up to 20 percent Cash Back and the other one gives an extra 10 percent. Players can also benefit from the 30 percent Super Saver Reward, which hands out special parlay payouts. The Point Mover Special Reward Program is extremely interesting since it allows players to pay less in order to move the lines in his or her favor. The Casino Rebate Rewards Program grants the gambler the chance to get up to 21 percent rebate on losses. There is also a promotion through which your eighth and ninth deposits are paid by the website. The Free Payout Rewards Program allows members to withdraw earnings without having to pay fees.

Additional Offers

The Bonus Casino Rewards are, firstly - All Red 5-5-5-5 Bonus Casino Games, secondly - a Mad Bonus Casino Promotion that can be as high as a 100 percent bonus, thirdly - a Zero Mondays Bonus on Baccarat, fourth - a Reversed Commission with Pai Gow on Tuesdays, fifth - Radical Roulette on Wednesday, sixth - 100 times bonus in Craps on Thursdays and finally - 2 to 1 Blackjack Blow Out every Friday. Additionally, there are Jackpot Casino Rewards, Live Dealer Rewards. The Grand Casino Rewards include Blackjack coupons, Free Spins packages, Sunday Night Tournaments with Slot games and additional awards and comp points that can be earned simply by playing. The Grand Poker Rewards are two: the Fabulous 500 dollar Freerolls and the Bad Beat Jackpot. There are also 3 Bingo Room prizes - Bingo Room Monthly Promos, Bingo Room regular promos and Bingo Room Specials. The last 4 offers are the 5 Dimes Betting Contest, Track Odds PLUS 10 percent More!, the usual Refer a Friend Reward and the Take the Five Card Charlie Challenge in Match Play Casino.

5 Dimes offers a huge collection of profitable promotions to players of all tastes and playing styles and if you join in, chances are that you will be appropriately rewarded, regardless of how capricious your preferences are.