How to Deposit with Bitcoins at 5Dimes

5Dimes Casino

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency accepted by 5 Dimes. The website trusts its services precisely because of its huge popularity and numerous positive qualities. The minimum deposit requirement for using Bitcoin is 25 dollars. The maximum possible single deposit is 10 000 dollars. Naturally, multiple deposits of 10 000 dollars can be made. If you want to find out more about limitations and rules, you can always approach the site's customer support. The average Bitcoin price will be determined via This is a special conversion website - one of the many 5 Dimes Casino can use and its team alone can decide which are the appropriate sites for the job.

Bitcoin Deposits

In order to make an installment with Bitcoin, players have to login in the cashier section of the website and enter the Deposit menu. You will then need to select the Bitcoin logo and type your chosen amount in dollars or Bitcoins. Then you click Submit. A Bitcoin address will be displayed and gamblers will have to use it in order to send the electronic currency. Then the transaction will be submitted for confirmation. Bitcoin doesn't require fees of any kind. Don't forget, however, that for every deposit, a new Bitcoin address will be necessary. Usually, a Bitcoin transaction takes no more than 40 minutes to be verified. If there are some irregularities - such as a difference between the sent amount and the entered amount for the Bitcoin Address request, the processing of the deposit will be slower with around 15 minutes. Crossing this 15-minute mark will determine the currency exchange rate type for every deposit. If an installment is all done in less than 15 minutes, the current exchange rate will be applied for the dollar conversion when crediting the sports account. If a deposit is processed in more than 15 minutes, the exchange rate when depositing will be applied for the dollar conversion. Players can't wager in Bitcoins.

Redeeming Through Bitcoin

Bitcoin payouts need to be taken through the online cashier and then confirmed through email by the special 5 Dimes Payout Team. If the payout fails to be verified through email within 48 hours, it will unfortunately be cancelled. Bitcoin Exclusive users will need to activate the Device-based Authentication service (DBA) before requesting any payouts. The non-Bitcoin Exclusive users with big numbers in their balances or long-term members will need to switch on DBA as well. The smallest amount that can be withdrawn by a player is 50 dollars and the largest one - 10 000 dollars. If the deposits of a member have been made through Bitcoin, all limits on the amount that can be requested as a payout will be lifted. Bitcoin also offers promotions, such as a single Bitcoin payout every week up to 5000 dollars to players who are not using Bitcoin for their deposits.