Multiplier Man Slots

Do you love superhero’s as much as we do? If so Multiplier Man could be a fun slot experience for you. We were drawn in by the Superhero appearance of the game and decided to play through a series of test rounds to fully review this slot. Our in-depth experience is detailed down below. Use it to help you decide if this modern slot game is right for you or not.

Superhero Graphics

If you’re a fan of Superheroes, you’ll love the way that Multiplier Man looks. This slot game is full of villains, heroes, and special symbols for you to look at. It’s bold, colorful and looks like something straight out of a comic book or an action cartoon.

Random Jackpot

This slot game comes with a random progressive jackpot that you can unlock at any time. Get enough luck after any turn of the reels and you could walk away with a massive jackpot that will literally change your bankroll. The jackpot grows over time, so keep playing and hoping for the best.

Stacked Wild Free Spins

Get enough of the free spin symbols and you’ll unlock a set of free spin rounds that can help you become a whole lot more successful at the online slot game. Once you’re in the round you’ll see a set of stacked wilds that just sit out there on the reels waiting to help you complete your next big payout. You’ll get a total of 20 free spins to go through and the wilds remain there the entire time.

The Quick Change Bonus

Get three of the quick change symbols and you’ll be taken to the special Quick Change bonus round, which is really just a three round game of high or low. To play this game you have a face down card and you have to guess whether it is higher or lower than the card that’s turned over on the table. If the card is the same as yours you automatically win and if you guess properly you also win. There are a total of three rounds to go through and if you manage to make it through them all you get 150x your bet amount, but you are free to cut it short for a nice win without as much risk.

Double X-Ray Bonus

This slot comes with a special Double X-Ray bonus that will have you looking into vaults trying to find the very best prize hidden within them. There are a set of vaults and it’s up to you to decide which one Multiplier Man is going to look into. Choose carefully and you could get as much as 12x the total wager amount that you set, which isn’t a bad prize if you ask us.

Overall Multiplier Man is a fun-filled online slot game with enough features to keep things interesting as you play through the rounds. It offers plenty of bonus features, and you’ll always have some sort of prize to look forward to as you go through round after round.