Satoshi's Secret Slots

Based on the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Satoshi Secrets is a visually stunning game with an overwhelmingly stylish appearance that is reminiscent to the Matrix movies and features terrific gameplay offering many opportunities for big earnings.

Developer of Satoshi Secrets

The game is designed by Endorphina, a company with a rather unstable track record. That being said, all their wrongs have definitely been corrected with the release of this profitable, audio-visual gift to every passionate gambler out there.

Experiencing Satoshi Secrets' Demo Version

There are many sites where the demo, free of charge, practice version of Satoshi Secrets can be experienced and many of those are gambling sites that allow unregistered players to explore the title's gameplay and rules for free.

The Specialized Theme of the Game

Passionate code crackers and fans of the Matrix movies will have a blast with the visual aspect of this game. Some of the symbols are popular currency symbols, which is again a tribute to the game's partial theme of online currencies.

An Overwhelmingly Impressive Game Design

Players will feast their eyes on endless lines of green code running up and down the whole main screen on a black background. The level of detail and the smoothness of the animation is just stunning and this mesmerizing, never ending loop doesn't stop.

Satoshi Secrets' Set Up

This is a game with 6 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines that also offers a gigantic jackpot prize. Up to 10 coins for a single spin can be bet and that makes the biggest possible bet 200 credits. The Autoplay option is also available and the number of can also be adjusted. Coin sizes can range from 0.1 credits and 1 credit. The return percentage of the game is 96 percent. The game can be experienced on various devices and in different versions - Desktop, Instant Play and mobile play.

A Big Paytable with Generously Paying Symbols and Great Effects

When the biggest possible bet is placed, the best-paying symbol of the game - the Hacker can pay between 1000 and 50 000 credits for its 4 combinations. All together there are 10 payable symbols as well as one a single scatter and a single substituting wild.

Many Highly Beneficial Bonus Features

Players will have a lot of fun with Satoshi Secrets' great number of bonus games. the Trading Bonus is a guessing game, which can potentially award 30 times the placed bet. There is also the Safe Profit insurance, which will be added to the player's balance in the unfortunate case that his profit becomes zero. There is also the so-called QWERTY bonus, which is activated when the letter symbols of the same name appear on the reels and involves multiple levels that can result in spectacular profits. There is also the Gamble option that can potentially double the made earnings up to 10 times.