Bitcoin Casinos for USA Players

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A few years ago, casino players in the United States found it next to impossible to access and play casino games online. Using their debit or credit cards, they tried to fund their casino accounts however, they found that their accounts were being blocked by the American banks and therefore, found it very difficult to make deposits.

Nowadays, thanks to Bitcoin, this problem has been solved. Since Bitcoin, US players are now able to make a deposit to their online casino accounts as well as being able to withdraw their winnings out of their online gambling account immediately. The good news about the Bitcoin currency being used at casino games online, apart from the fact that it is easy for US players to access and use the currency at their online casino account, is that the transactions are anonymous and immediate.

Another benefit of using Bitcoin for online casinos in the US is that American casino players do not have to pay a large commission when using the Bitcoin services and they do not even have to travel to a money transfer retail outlet because through Bitcoin transfers to and from the account are immediate. Also, Bitcoins transfer are safe and secure and US players who use this type of crypto currency are not restricted in terms of amounts and this gives them the freedom to play for as much as they want.

Although Bitcoin is a relatively new method for making payments online, it is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Transactions via Bitcoin are fast and inexpensive and you owe no fees for making deposits and withdrawals. There are a lot of different Bitcoin casinos giving US players the ability to use and play a variety of games when they fund their account with Bitcoin, which means that a massive collection of great casino games are available to them.

The US friendly Bitcoin casinos will provide the best gaming experience not just to US players but to players from all around the globe. Bitcoin casinos are open to everybody and they give players the freedom to enjoy these amazing online games. Deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin are processed in the same way as transactions via any other e-wallet and debit or credit cards are made. However, making payments via Bitcoin is the best alternative for US based players. Since, the majority of bank institutions in the US do not process transactions to and from offshore online casinos, wagering via Bitcoin is the ideal solution as this is a cryptocurrency that is not monitored by a government authority or a bank institution.

Since UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was passed in 2006, online gambling in the US has changed considerably. This act affected not only the US but internet gaming operations all over the globe. However, these days things have changed and US players can access and transfer money on their gaming accounts Bitcoin. This is definitely good news for betting enthusiasts in the US as they can play from the comfort of their own homes with peace of mind and that is something that every player wants to experience.

The world of online casinos has often been described as a roller coaster ride especially for US based players mainly due to the fact that the US Government seems to have a complete inability to put together a sensible set of regulatory requirements to allow them to license and regulate these sites. This has ultimately made transferring to and from an online casino very difficult for anyone in the US who wants to play real money casino games online. In fact for US players, the most difficult part of all this is to get their deposit sent over to the casino at which they are intending to play. Initially US players used credit and debit cards, however the banks started blocking these payments and put an end to being able to fund a casino account with either card. Then the US player got wise and started using online web wallet type services as these allowed American online casino players to top up their web wallet without any problems and then use it as a middle man to move money into an online casino and out again.

However, the US Government soon put a stop to this and started to seize financial assets of these online web wallets and got them closed down. Then the only way out for US players was to access payment methods such as Western Union and Money Gram but this turned out to be very expensive and not feasible at all.

The answer to all of this was Bitcoin, which is a brand new digital currency where US players can now fund their online casino accounts whilst also being able to withdraw all of their winnings out of any online gambling type account safely and instantly without any hassles. You do not have to pay a huge commission when you utilise the services of Bitcoin nor do you have to go to any retail outlets, you can safely and instantly and also anonymously and in real time move your own funds from your Bitcoin Wallet account to any gambling related website.

Since there is no bank in the middle of the financial transactions which you are making to and from Bitcoin and to and from the online casinos, then you can make your transactions anonymously; without the prying eyes of any other third party. Even though you are a US based gambler playing online, you will not have to make any compromises as regards to the types of real money casino games you will have full access to at a Bitcoin accepting US player friendly casino site.

Another major benefit of using Bitcoin for online casinos if you are a US casino game player, is that you are not restricted by the amount you can deposit or withdraw from and to the casino into and out of your Bitcoin Wallet account as there are no restrictions when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money.

Most Bitcoin operators run on fair software and they use encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software that ensures that the client information remains secure and anonymous at all times. There are many US-facing Bitcoin Casinos that allow players to deposit and play in the digital currency however, if you are from the US, you must be 21 years or older to play at them.

With Bitcoin there is no minimum fee at online gambling casinos and any amount can be deposited or withdrawn. If you deposit 1 Bitcoin, it is converted to 1,000 mBTC. BTC is the abbreviation for Bitcoin. A milli Bitcoin is the thousandth part of a BTC while mBTC is the millionth part of BTC or micro Bitcoin (uBTC). The latter unit is popular at Bitcoin Casinos. Other common units of Bitcoin are dBTC which is a tenth part of BTC. cBTC is hundredth of a Bitcoin.

Players should only play at sites that have a Responsible Gambling Policy on one of its web pages. Bitcoin wagers are not governed by a Blockchain. All the bets that have been made are recrded on the serves of the Bitcoin casino. Bitcoin as a currency is always on the Blockchain until the funds have been transferred to a casino. Whenyou withdraw your winnings from the casino, it all goes back onto the Blockchain again. Bitcoin is absolutely legal to gamble with as it is a decentralized currency that is not regulated by any government and solely based on supply and demand. Bitcoin is so much in demand in the US and has so many advantages that it is set to replace credit cards in the future. Credit card fraud is a huge problem which online casino have to deal with daily. There are so many players using stolen credit cards and all the problems that come with that. Bitcoin Casinos do not have that risk. Using Bitcoin as a payment method only requires a few clicks, copy your digital wallet address, paste it and you're good to go.

With Bitcoin, transaction fees are vastly reduced by cutting out the middlemen like banks and check cashing stores. This is why Bitcoin is such a convenient deposit method to wager at online casinos. Bitcoin is hailed as the Libertarian dream because the currency is independent from state control. No government can determine how many Bitcoins are produced.

Bitcoin casinos are the latest craze in the world of online gambling and have become one of the most popular ways to play casino games online. Using bitcoins to gamble is much easier than traditional methods and it's a great way to increase the balance in your Bitcoin balance without mining or having to deal with exchanges.

So even though the Bitcoin casino industry is relatively new, the software is developing very quickly and catching up to the more renowned and established online casino companies. Also, more and more online gambling operations are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Because the blockchain verifies all transactions, making withdrawals is much easier than in normal casinos. There is no need for verification documents and copies of your utility bill meaning that cashouts can be processed much faster.

To sum up, using Bitcoin for online gaming casinos is relatively advantageous to the US casino player because:

  • 1.Depositing and withdrawing is safe and secure
  • 2.There is no limit on deposits and withdrawals
  • 3.Transfers are immediate
  • 4.Everything is done anonymously
  • 5.No need for verification documents when withdrawing
  • 6.Withdrawals can be made out in the currency of your choice
  • 7.Withdrawals can be sent to the address of your choice

Taking the above into consideration, it is no wonder that US players are reverting to using Bitcoin for online gaming casinos and that Bitcoin users and becoming more and more popular every day. It seems that the US Government has actually done the US casino player a favour by not allowing them to use their credit and debit cards when making transfer online to casino websites. Using Bitcoin hits all the spots and the popularity of this cryptocurrency, especially for online gaming casinos by US online players, is increasing rapidly.

Bitcoin Casinos for USA Players