A New Golden Gambling Star Has Been Spotted in the Online Gaming Universe

Are you always dreaming about going to Mars? Unfortunately, the current technology prevents us from visiting the amazing red planet. But don't worry, because there is a fine alternative experience that you can undergo instead. And if you play it right, it might be just as exciting like the real deal.

A brand new intergalactic casino has been spotted among the many gambling stars on the internet, and you are one of the lucky persons who is going to explore it.

This new betting platform is called Mars Casino, and it has the potential to launch your profits into orbit. In fact, it has so much profits to offer that you could might as well call it the golden planet instead of the red one.

There Are Live Games on This Gambling Planet

But now that you spotted this alluring new casino, the question arises: What can you find on this unexplored gambling platform? In this case, you will not be looking for water or strange alien life forms, but actually for large flows of cash and amazing games.

Luckily, you will not be disappointed in those matters. This casino is the home of more than a 1000 games that eagerly await your arrival so that they can show you their world. And an exciting world it is, because those games take you to places where the money flourishes and the excitement thrives.

Take a small step for the platform when you sign up, and then take a giant leap for profits when you place bets on typical space themed games like the creepy Aliens video slot, the cute bionic Alien Robot Slots or the monstrously funny Space Wars Slots.

More down to earth slots, like Mr. Vegas Slots, Glam Life Slots, All American Slots and Treasure Room Slots, are also available in the vibrant Mars Casino entertainment section.

But slots are just one part of the fun on this red gambling hot spot. Try a game of European Roulette if you are more into table games, or place your horse racing bets in Virtual Racebook 3D. Additionally you can also find great joy in playing original and fun games like Minesweeper, or Scratchzers.

All the game entertainment on this website is brought to you by true software development stars like BetSoft Gaming, Amatic, SoftSwiss and Netent. Together, these developers created a huge cosmic game flurry that is going to make you very rich if you play well. However, if you are only in it for the honors, the exploring and the fun, then you can also choose to play all the games in free mode.

Intergalactic Bonuses That Gravitate Towards You

Mars Casino has a whole set of intergalactic bonuses that orbit around its games. You act as a gravitational force that attracts these promotions as soon as you enter the orbit of the casino yourself. These beneficial perks are the welcome promo, the reload bonuses, the everyday free spins and the loyalty bonus.

Banking Like a Star

Let's face it, you need a bit of funding if you want to undertake a journey into deep space to explore intergalactic winning opportunities. And in addition to that, you also need to be able to bring all your newly claimed space treasures back home.

Luckily, you can take care of both your funding and withdrawing tasks in an easy matter when you become a Mars Casino crew member. There are plenty of payment methods to choose from. This counts for the deposit part of the transactions as well as for the withdrawal process.

When you want to make a deposit, you can choose to process your money via well-known services like Visa, Skrill (Moneybookers), Bitcoins, NETELLER and MasterCard.

All of these deposit methods are popular money processors, and you can be assured that they value your security and privacy. These services are also able to safely process your payout requests.

The banking section is another part in which this new casino really earns positive points. Unlike other gambling platforms, there is not a single withdrawal or deposit method that charges a transaction fee.

In addition, there is also not a single money processor that requires you to wait for your money. Account deposits are instantly processed and so are your withdrawals. This is very convenient, because it means that you always have immediate access to your money, no matter if you want to spend it on the red planet or beyond.

There is another convenient fact that needs to be highlighted before you venture off to make a deposit or request a payout. When it comes to minimum or maximum deposit and payout limits, there is no different limit for any of the transfer options. No matter if you fund or collect, the minimum amount is always $10 and the maximum amount is always $4000. These limits are convenient for budget players and high rollers alike.

Houston We Have a Problem

When you travel into space, it can be a good thing to stay in contact with the home front for some human interaction in the form of chit chats or support. And when it comes to support, you are in good hands with this casino. Send a message via the small contact form, and your own personal Houston command center will solve the problem in a timely manner.

Take a Giant Leap for Profits

There is a whole planet full of winning opportunities that await you, and the only device you need to get there is a desktop or a mobile phone, together with an internet connection.

Your chance of exploring Mars Casino, and becoming rich during the process, was never so big. So you definitely don't want to pass on this opportunity, no matter what the risks might be. You are going to make a giant leap for profits, and a famous explorer cannot make that leap without having to walk on the edge sometimes.