JetWin Casino

Jetwin Casino is the online casino of the Jetwin betting brand. This site offers players a full range of Endorphina slots in additional to a live casino product. This casino focuses on a clean paying interface for players on their home computers, although it currently does not support mobile devices. Jetwin Casino is a bitcoin casino and focuses on privacy and instant transfer of the virtual currency.

Jetwin Casino is a bit different for the other online casinos as Jetwin is one of the many bitcoin casinos that can be found online. Jetwin also offers a sports book, live dealer games and slots. Since Jetwin is a bitcoin site, the accept players from all over the world, including the grey markets like the US and the more heavily regulated EU countries where online casinos are basically banned.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Casinos for players in the USA are rapidly increasing. This is because Bitcoin is considered to be safe, secure and convenient. It is also a quick method of making a deposit and withdrawing bitcoins and allows the player to be anonymous.

Anybody who owns a bitcoin account knows that there is anonymity in this form of transferring bitcoins to their account through their Bitcoin wallet. Also it is a quick method as money is transferred to or from very efficiently. Over and above all this, anyone who pays in bitcoins can then make a withdrawal to their wallet in dollars, GBP or euro to an address of their choosing.

It is the most efficient mode of payment for safety, privacy, security, anonymity, convenience and quickness in making transactions. All in all the Bitcoin has been found to be the best system when playing in US casinos online. All you have to do to keep your bitcoins safe is to make a virtual paper wallet which can be used for all cryptocurrencies.

The virtual currency of Bitcoin is revolutionizing the way US players enjoy their online casinos and it is very easy to use. In fact, you do not even need to use your credit card. As soon as you have your Bitcoin wallet good to go, each and every one of your transactions may be completed using Bitcoin. Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and more and more players are turning to Bitcoin for their means of payments and also for their withdrawal methods. Bitcoin has really caught on and has become so popular mainly because it is so easy to use. Another reason that Bitcoin is so popular with casino players is that the transactions when using Bitcoin are so much faster. Bitcoin is making ground breaking progress with the US casinos and allowing real money slots and game players in the US the convenience and ease of use that has eluded them for years. The most popular US casinos are the ones like Jetwin.

Jetwin can be divided into three separate areas: sportsbook, live casino and virtual casino. The sportsbook is new and exciting and Jetwin is primarily a recreational sportsbook. The range of sports is extensive and the live dealer games are impressive. Jetwin offers the traditional live dealer games of blackjack, roulette and baccarat along with Holdems, their version of casino hold’em. The games are offered at varying betting limits and offer a pace of play that is only slightly slower than at brick and mortar casinos.

Jetwin sportsbook betters can claim eur 35 in free bets with no deposit required. Casino games players can collect 100% deposit bonus of up to eur 150 when they open an account and make their first deposit. A minimum deposit of eur 45 is required to be eligible for the bonus.

Jetwin offer support via email ( and have a reputation for quick (within 3 hours) response time. They also offer live telephone support for immediate assistance. Jetwin’s frequently asked questions pages and various information pages are very thorough and very easy to understand.

All the banking transactions are done via bitcoin and via one of the many available bitcoin wallets. Players can select their home currency when signing up and all bets will be displayed in that currency. For those not familiar with bitcoin, the frequently asked questions gives some guidance on how to buy and use bitcoin. Even with an anonymous account, Jetwin may ask for proof of identity when players make a withdrawal. The security here is high so players can feel secure in their betting here, but this could lead to some of the higher rollers felling frustrated at the continual identity checks.

Jetwin is a mixed bag of positive points and negative points. Their sportsbook software is among the best and the live dealer games are rather good with a fun holdem option that is exclusive to this site. The site also accepts low micro-stakes bets in many areas making this ideal for less experienced players and those looking for low rolling games. Because of the fact that this is a bitcoin site, the players in the US and other countries that are typically shut out of online casinos can play and make sports wagers, which is certainly a big plus point for international gamers.

The sportsbook is very good recreational sport bettors, who traditionally be on just a couple of games per week and who bet primarily for fun rather than as a profession. The site’s customer service is considered to be very good and also the security has a strong reputation.

For those players who are unfamiliar with bitcoin, it might take a bit of time for them to read about and understand what this virtual currency is all about. However, once they realise that this system is safe and secure, faster and also anonymous, Jetwin will be seeing more players accessing their site and playing their games. One bitcoin (1BTC) is currently worth about $705. The bitcoin currency has been relatively stable for the last few months.

All in all, Jetwin offers an interesting choice for gamers looking for something different and for those players who are seeking a Bitcoin casino site and sportsbook. In short, Jetwin is a great option with flexible betting.

A Mix of Lesser Known Software Providers

While it’s good that Jetwin casino offers software from more than eight different development companies, it’s unfortunate that most of the software developers aren’t very well known. Habanero is the most well-known developer supplying games to the casino, and many of the others are smaller companies. With that said, there are some excellent games available at the casino and there’s a good mix of options to choose from as well. The casino has games from the following software companies - Habanero, BGaming, Wazdan, Casino Technology, NoLimit City, Belatra Games, Mr Slotty, EZugi – and between all those options there is something for everyone.

A Neat and Orderly Lobby

Gamblers using this casino will find it simple to access the many different features offered in the lobby itself. All the different games are readily available and neatly organized by type and software developer. The major features are available at the top and the bottom of the page, giving gamblers quick access to what they need most while playing at Jetwin. There is nothing confusing about the lobby at all, and we really like that about Jetwin.

Getting Started at Jetwin Casino

If you want to start playing at Jetwin casino you’ll be impressed with just how simple it is to join and to make your account. There is a very short signup form that you must fill out. Once you do that you’ll have your free account that you can start using to play the different games for real money. You simply need to make your real money deposit using Bitcoin and you’ll be ready to start playing. It takes only a few minutes to join and most gamblers are playing games within an hour of deciding they want to sign up to Jetwin.

Are there any Country Limitations at Jetwin?

Nope, none at all. Players from anywhere in the world are free to sign up and start playing at the casino. In fact, the casino won’t even check to see what country you are from before you start playing there. That makes it easy for everyone to sign up and start making use of the different features offered by the casino. If you’re looking for a way to start gambling online, Jetwin casino is a powerful resource that makes it easy to get going.

An Excellent Variety of Games

With most online casinos today it’s mostly about the slot games that are offered and there’s a small number of other games available ot help round out the numbers. That’s not the case with Jetwin. This casino offers an excellent mix of different game types of choose from. Of course there are slot games, more than 300 of them actually, but there are others as well. There are dozens of card games, tons of video poker options, many different poker games, casual games like minesweeper or heads and tails, roulette variations, craps options and a few lottery-style games as well. Between these different categories most players should feel right at home with one of the different options. More games are added from the many different software companies regularly and it’s common for long-term gamblers to have something exciting to test out most of the time.

Over 350 Slot Games

There are many different slot options available at Jetwin casino, which means there are many different themes to select from. As a long-time player at Jetwin you’ll come to love all the slot variety, including the classic games, the more typical video slots with a blend of interesting features, and the powerful jackpot slots with their huge prize payouts. These games are offered wit ha mix of payline options, betting options and special features and that’s exactly what keeps playing at the site so interesting.

Free Play Options

There’s a demo mode on most of the games offered at Jetwin. That means players can try out different games they are interested in without having to spend money in order to play. That makes it easy to pick out the good games from the bad ones and to decide which options are most appealing overall. It’s not even necessary to register to take advantage of this feature, which is why many gamblers end up getting started here.

Start Playing for Real Money Rapidly

It only takes a few minutes to start playing for real money at this casino and most players can go through the signup and registration process faster than they can at other sources. For this reason Jetwin is a solid option for gamblers that want to get started immediately, and it’s possible to play at lots of different wagering levels using real money depending on what you have available to work with.

New Slots Added Regularly

There are new slot games to access regularly for the gamblers that want to try out new things frequently. Slots are added to the library by one of the different developers on a nearly monthly basis, which means there are plenty of slots being loaded onto the site frequently for you to pay attention to. This keeps things interesting and will keep gamblers coming back for more again and again.

A Generous Welcome Bonus

New players that start using the casino can get up to a 300% deposit match bonus after signing up and starting to play there. These gamblers must make a deposit of at least $50 in order to qualify for the bonus, but as long as they do that they can trigger a very respectable deposit bonus worth hundreds of dollars. It’s a good way to get started with the casino and certainly worth playing for.

No Slot Tournaments Available

There aren’t any slot tournaments to be played when at Jetwin casino. That means you will have to content yourself with using the different standard slot games instead. This isn’t always as exciting as slot tournaments are, but with more than 400 different games to choose from there is plenty to keep you busy anyway.

Unlock Large or Small Payouts

There are many opportunities for small prize payouts at Jetwin casino, but it’s also possible to trigger some absolutely massive prize payouts as well. To do either of these things you just need to play the many different game options available. Choose the more reserved games for more frequent and smaller payouts, or go with something like a jackpot slot or lottery style game to go for a big win. Either way, you can get some seriously profitable prize payouts from the casino.

Jetwin has a Powerful VIP Program

Jetwin casino offers gamblers a very powerful VIP program that can be used to unlock all sorts of different perks to get excited about. Players earn loyalty points every single time they get on the platform and play any real money games. These points are added to their loyalty balance each time they get of the site and will really start to add up over time. The loyalty points lead to different Loyalty levels with increasing rewards and special features. Those points can be traded in for cash offers that will give you even more money to wager with on the site.

Mobile Play Works Just Fine

If you’re interested in mobile play at Jetwin it’s easy to experience the many different games offered on the site without complication. The games all work on mobile devices and they run without downloading software too. That means you can load up a slot or a table game on your smartphone or tablet and start playing immediately. It’s a convenient benefit of playing at the site and it’s something for serious mobile gamblers to look forward to as well.

An Always Online Casino App

When playing at Jetwin casino there is no need to download any software or to worry about swapping devices. The platform is available on the internet and that’s the only way to access the casino. That means as long as you have a solid internet connection and an approved web browser you can play all the different games in the casino library just like that. It’s quick and convenient to play this way, and it’s very beneficial to gamblers that don’t want to wait for downloads to go through.

Registration isn’t Necessary for Testing Purposes

Of course, you must register in order to play the different games using real money, but you don’t have to register to try out the games with play money. That’s right, you can test out the many different games available at Jetwin casino without ever going through a registration process if you like. To do this you just have to click on the game that you want to try in your web browser and select the Demo option. Do that and the game will load right up so you can try out the different features that it offers nearly immediately.

Jetwin is an Instant Play Casino

While many casinos still require you to download software in order to test them out, you can start playing immediately at JEtwin without any sort of download process. That’s because the casino is an instant play site and will load and run in a web browser. That’s the beauty of playing at the site and it means that you can try out the different games and start playing in just moments.

A Pretty Generous Affiliate Program

Jetwin casino offers a powerful affiliate program to marketers that want to try and earn some extra money by promoting a site that they love. The program starts off members with 25% revenue from each customer that’s brought in, and that amount increases as an affiliate is more successful. Not only that, but the program gives every affiliate a cookie for a full year after someone clicks through the link to the casino. That increases the chances that you’ll get some customers to the site after multiple interactions and should result in a bit of a boost in success figures. It’s possible to set up the program on multiple websites and the platform is highly flexible for affiliates.

Jetwin has a Reliable Bookie

Jetwin is more than just a casino, it’s also home to a pretty powerful sports betting service. Gamblers using the platform will find it easy to place wagers on baseball, football, tennis, hockey, golf and many other sports. There is in-play betting as well as more standard wagers to choose from when using the program. The site makes it easy to place wagers and the odds are displayed right on the main page for every gambler to see immediately.

No Blog or Forum Support

Blogs are an excellent source of information at casinos and a good way to keep on top of what is going on at your favorite site. Jetwin has no blog though, which means that players need to keep on top of what is going on there using a different method instead. One of the easiest tools available for doing this is the home page of the casino. Visit that page regularly, along with the promotions page and you’ll know most of what is going on at the site. There isn’t a dedicated forum on the casino site either, which means players will have to use a more generic forum to talk with other gamblers.

There are No Live Dealers at Jetwin

Jetwin casino doesn’t offer access to any live dealer games at all. That means that players will have to rely on the standard arcade table games for their fun. These games may seem a bit more stale, but they are faster and offer the same wide range of gambling options to choose from. There is a lot to love about the standard table games offered on the site, which is a good reason to give them a try. Without live dealer games you will have to consider a different site if that’s something you really care about, but many players aren’t too concerned about the feature.

Only Bitcoin Banking

Jetwin relies solely on Bitcoin for every deposit and withdrawal from its platform. That means you need to be okay using Bitcoins your payment method when joining the site. If you are comfortable with Bitcoin or you enjoy using it you will appreciate what Jetwin is doing. If you aren’t comfortable with Bitcoin or you aren’t sure about the tool you will either have to test it out for yourself before joining or join a different casino instead that relies on more traditional payment methods. While it does take some getting used to, Bitcoin comes with limited fees, fast transactions and more personal protection as well. It’s a solid tool for online gambling and something that more gamblers should make use of. That’s why w aren’t bothered by the Bitcoin-only banking tools available, though we do wish other Cryptocurrencies were supported natively as well.

Limited Help Options

There are some customer support tools available to players and affiliates for Jetwin casino, but these options are more limited than what other casinos offer. For instance, there is a help email as well as a phone number available. There is no live chat service though and there isn’t an in-depth FAQ and knowledgebase like some other sites offer. Without both of these tools available it can be difficult getting good reliable help.