Incredible Growth Rate of the Bitcoin Gambling Industry

The first Bitcoin transaction happened in 2010, this transaction was for a Pizza that cost 10,000 Bitcoins. Since then digital currency has seen significant growth and interest from many online businesses. He industry scouts and many entrepreneurs saw the new technology of Bitcoins as a tool that could revolutionize the way payments are made over the Internet.

The Bitcoin Gambling Industry

One of the Industries that Bitcoin could have a huge potential in the Gambling Industry. Just shortly after that first Bitcoin transaction many of the Online Casino's saw its potential and began implementing the options to utilise this new currency as a new business model that could fit perfectly.

Some of the features of Bitcoin transactions were that it was decentralized, virtually anonymous, and ha its own rules that are not subject to the rules and regulations pertaining to conventional currencies. The result is that it has become very popular with new industries and many online based businesses, plus it has also started a completely new parallel economy.

The world had never seen such a phenomena before, and new means of innovation an development especially under the gaming sector.

This new cryptocurrency sprouted new industries with greater innovation. A good example is Dragon's Tale launched in 2010, which introduced an entirely new gambling style which created a gambling and role playing module that was tied to a fabulous new Casino, this resulted in players doing much more than just gambling.

Digital currency was born in some ways as a result of government restrictions related to online gambling in several countries, through the usage of Bitcoin many people all over the globe the ability to engage in gambling entertainment without the fear of engaging in something that could be considered illegal.

Bitcoin has created a lot of interest where this new technology many gambling sites are now able to use a provably fair form of technology. Making use of Bitcoin technology has eliminated the ability for any kind of cheating or fraud which has transformed online gambling into a trusted industry which changed the gambling landscape forever.