Ways to get free bitcoins

Buying Bitcoins has become all the rage of late and there are a myriad of opportunities out there to make money if possible. One has to be careful not to get caught up in scams though as there are several of those out there it seems.

An interesting website seems to be Qoin Pro where you are credited with a very small amount of Bitcoins when you sign up. Actually it's not only Bitcoin that you are credited with as there is also the possibility to invest in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Silver or Bitcoin Diamond. However this site also offers all sorts of crypto currencies that may be credited to your wallet. These include such luminaries as Litecoin, FeatherCoin, VirtaCoin, PeerCoin and Bitcoin Pizza. There are also the more established coins such as Dash and Neo, the latter has seen a considerable increase over the past weeks to rise to record highs.

Upon signing up, the website QoinPro will give you an unique referral link. The site states that by using this link and when your friends sign-up you will give you a percentage of every coin they receive, every single day. It does seem to be slightly similar to a pyramid scheme although technically you have nothing to lose since its always extra money going into your account. If they refer their friends, you also get a percentage. The more you refer, the more you earn. Up to 7 levels deep. The paying out structure may be viewed separately. Additionally, you can unlock permanent daily bonuses and multipliers of 5%, 10%, 20% all the way up to 1250%.

There are other possibilities to invest in Bitcoin apart from the normal sign up processes. One of these is to invest some funds in a coin exchange where you can simply bet on the coins going up or down - this is something which is being done seemingly on a regular basis by several experienced investors although it is not so complicated to do so it seems. Exchanges such Binance and Etoro offer good investment opportunities although the spreads on the latter are quite high.

Other websites give you the possibility to earn bitcoin or other altcoins by watching videos or adverts to gain viewership. In a way it is a form of indirect advertising but it is also a win win situation where you can dedicate a portion of your time to watcing ads but at the same time earn money in the process.

Displaying adverts on your website is also an interesting option to earn Bitcoins or other alt coins. The adverts can be linked to a crypto currency generator which pays you in the currency of your choice.

Another option is to sell items on a marketplace and get payment in bitcoin which will help you slowly build up a portfolio. These marketplaces are quite easy to find online - all you have to do is to get on with a search. It is important to have products that other people will like and enjoy when you are selling online.

Finally there's the possibility of getting involved in Bitcoin mining although that seems to be a rather tedious process overall. Cloud mining allows you to earn Bitcoins daily but you have to purchase a machine to do so and that is rather costly. Still the long term rewards appear to be excellent. So to recap these are the main ways to earn Bitcoins daily:

1. Simply Sign-Up And Collect Bitcoins And Altcoins Every-Day 2. Free Bitcoins By Entering Your Bitcoin Address to earn free bitcoins (be wary of such sites) 3. Free Bitcoins By Completing Easy Tasks Online Visit Websites, Watch Videos, Complete Surveys, Play Games And Get Free Bits 4. Free Bitcoins By Advertising Display Contextual Banner Ads Or Interstitial Ads On Your Blog Or Website. 5. Free Bitcoins By Selling Items You Can Earn Free Bitcoins Through Selling Useful Items And Services On A Dedicated Marketplace. 6. Free Bitcoins By Mining Purchase Cloud Mining Contracts And Start Earning Free Bitcoins Daily.