Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Relation to Casinos

For players that enjoy gambling at casinos the access to them online is a big feature for them. Many people who enjoy gambling don't always have the time to go to a bricks and mortar casino, so online casinos have become more popular with many players, with access to computers, and smart phone/tablet devices people are able to play their games on the go.

Now there is bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies offering highly secure, faster transactions then traditional banking principles, in addition the value of Bitcoin is rising quite fast.

The creator of Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto who published his invention on 31st October, 2008, to a cryptography mailing list on a research paper that was called "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". It was thereafter implemented as an open source code which was released during January 2009. the adoption of Bitcoin as a currency platform because of the fact the people have control over the money and not government and banks, who monopolize flat currency and its rate.

Once Bitcoin had become stable and confidence was gained, more and more businesses are now accepting Bitcoins as a method of payment.

The online gambling market is the idea place for people to make use of this decentralized currency to boost their bitcoin wallets.

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin, and want to explore for yourself you will need to open a Bitcoin wallet, once you account is opened, you will be given a Bitcoin identifier, that is a long strong of numbers and letters, Each Bitcoin identifier is unique and cannot easily be copies or hacked. It is completely anonymous, especially for transactions that are conducted over the internet. Once your wallet is activated and you have placed funds into your Bitcoin Wallet, then the nest part is to find a suitable Casino, one that has your favourite games and accepts Bitcoin. You will notice that most casino's offer welcome deposit bonuses for members that sign up. This can be an opportunity to increase your winnings.

Casinos that offer Bitcoin are finding that players are using it as a preferred payment method, apart from the transactions been anonymous, its so easy to use, no need to transfer money into your bank, with possible risks of being hacked. Bitcoin transactions are completely safe, players personal detains are never compromised. The fees are relatively low, and the money is stored online. Players are assured that their personal information is kept from the prying eyes of other players and possible would be hackers.

Bitcoin Casino offer 100% fairness, which should give you confidence that your money is not stolen, low fees, fast transactions, they can range from about 15 minutes to a day or two. The Gambling industry is being rev revolutionized. The future is Bitcoin. Have you got your wallet yet?