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Hshare Coin is the cryptocurrency of Hshare's decentralized open-scource platform. The current market capitalization of this transformational currency, whose native cryptocurrency trades under the symbol HSR, stands at $750 million with its price currently standing at $17. The daily trading volume is 28 million US dollars. There are 33,600,000 HSR in circulation as of 22.11.2017. Hshares are pre-launch tokens that will be transferable at a 1:1 ratio for Hcash after it is launched. This price will rise steadily in 2018 and invest now is the surest way to be part of history.

Hcash is a new cryptocurrency that will allow value to be transferred securely between blockchains, including between blockchains and blockchain-less cryptocurrencies. When Hcash launches, it will also have a total supply of 84 million. It will also support private transactions, and quantum resistance.

Here are five reasons why Hshare is the currency of 2018

1. It is Hybrid

Hybrid platform is applicable in diverse fields one of which is the big data field and artificial intelligence where it solves the challenges of data capture and storage, data curation and transfer of the data. Another field is the financial technology field (FinTech) where it will play a key role in boosting financial efficiency.Other fields include the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial internet. This is what Hshare did with its consensus algorithm. It uses an integrated method that utilizes both the proof of work and proof of stake protocols.

This hybrid nature gives every Hshare (HSR) holder the opportunity to participate in integral decision making processes about its future such as the updating of its protocol.

2. It is private and secure

Privacy is paramount in cryptocurrencies and Hcash has ensured that it is upheld by adapting the zero-knowledge proof technology. In this technology, a user can disclose some particulars about his transactions that a verifier requires to validate the transaction without necessarily having to reveal his identity. This method has been tested and found to work with Zcash.

3. It is bi-directional

This is Hshare's most lucrative and unique quality and the reason it's being hailed as the coin to watch in 2018. It allows the transfer of value and information between blockchain-based and blockless-based platforms. It achieves this by having blockchain systems as well as Directed Acylic Graph (DAG) systems which cater to both sides of the divide. This will finally make the cryptocurrency space a universal system where any currency can freely interact with other currencies without having to sacrifice its central offerings.

4. It has a hierarchy

The DAO that is used to govern Hshare observes a hierarchy that simplifies the governing and makes it easy to make major decisions on the future of the currency. The voting power of a user is not only based on their stake but also on the amount of computing power contributed to the system in what is an integrated PoW and PoS system. It provides the Hshare platform a continuous vitality and will provide a stable base for future advancements.

5. It is Quantum resistant

Quantum computers are computers that possess the ability to exist in a state other than 0 and 1. These computers are much more powerful and stand a chance at cracking the code of a system through brute force. The developers of Hshare understand just how important it is to be ready for such an attack and have incorporated quantum resistance into their code.

Obviously, securely transferring value between blockchains is a daunting task. Hcash wants to create cross-blockchain compatibility while also making it easy to transfer value from cryptocurrencies. So how does Hcash plan to achieve that goal?

Hcash seeks to provide cross-chain compatibility by operating as a side chain for blockchain and off-blockchain cryptocurrencies. Hcash will develop two concurrent networks, including one that is blockchain-based, and the other that is non-blockchain based.

When Hcash talks about "off-blockchain" currencies, they're not talking about fiat currencies or traditional money. Instead, they're referring to currencies like IOTA and Byteball. These are cryptocurrencies, but they're not always that straightforward. They're based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) cryptography to create a web of transactions verifying one another.

A key problem that Hcash needs to overcome is privacy restrictions. If Hcash wants to create a side chain for many different cryptocurrencies, then it needs to implement privacy restrictions to facilitate transactions for privacy-centric coins.

That's why Hcash plans to create wallet exchanges: white and black. White addresses will be publicly viewable, while black addresses will be private.

Hcash provides privacy through a zero knowledge proof system, like the one we've seen in use on Zcash's blockchain. This system masks the identity of the sender and receiver using advanced cryptography while still verifying transactions between two trustless parties.

There will be a limited supply of Hcash of course, but approximately 84 million tokens will be created through the following channels: 21 million (25%) will be created via Proof of Work (PoW) 21 million (25%) will be created via Proof of Stake (PoS) 21 million (25%) will be created through a Public Offering or given to the community for free 12.6 million (15%) will be issued during pre-ICO sales 4.2 million (5%) each will be reserved for the development team and the Hcash DAO.

One has to bear in mind that Hcash has not yet launched, so claims made by the development team are not yet verifiable, and this might be because the team is partly based in China, which can explain the lack of transparency, although the other part is in Australia, and its key members include Dallas Brooks (Chief Executive Officer), described as "a qualified, highly sought after expert in financial services" who "understands the structure of the commercial world and is ambitious to revolutionise the industry."

Other key members of the team include Khal Achkar (CTO), and Andrew Wasylewics (Business Development Manager), while the development team has partnered with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Australia's Monash University.