Belatra Games

Made to be different, as the subtitle just under the title sign of Belatra Games Casino reads, this is a place for online gamblers and admirers of slots and casino entertainment of any kind. The site might not be as developed in terms of appearance and content as the very best of gambling websites out there but it still stands out on its own with its great games, comforts and services. It mostly consists of eye-candy blue, violet and pink shades. The homepage almost doesn't need any scrolling up and down because it is relatively small and everything is depicted in a very orderly and simple manner-just the way, you would want it and yet there is still room for spectacular big advertisements of the casino's features with giant pictures accompanying them. The main menu is divided into News, Company, Catalogue, Play, Support and Contacts. A smaller menu gives the player the option to look through the websites' game sets, jackpot system, cabinets, components, firmware and multiboard.


The Catalogue section will take you to all the available games on the website, depicted with their main screens and there will also be an available list with all the titles underneath the gallery. All together there are 119 games available. The Game Sets menu will present the players with an extremely useful ready-made division of the titles into sub-categories according to their type. There are Multi Billionaire-types, Super Sevens types, Multi Vision Super Plus ones, Game Bank, Multi Vision Advanced, Multi Millionaire, Nice Pair, Roulettes, Grand Games and Big Win types. The exclusively online section of the website includes the titles Africa Gold, An Escape from Al Catraz, Anotherland, The Ghost Walks, Jewels, 2 Lucky Drink games, Piggy Bank, Princess of Swamp, The Spanish Armada, Seadogs Story, Triple Sevens, Super Sevens and The Elusive Gonzales. One of the standouts of these, which every player must definitely check out is Princess of Swamp, which happens to be one of the most popular slot games and features an exceptionally magical bonus round. Other titles with considerably spectacular gameplay are Anotherland with its sticky wild symbols and countless free spins offers and Jewels, which will impress gamblers with its quickly acquirable bonus feature prizes. The most visually stunning online games among these are Lucky Drink in Egypt that convincingly transports you to the ancient, hot pharaoh homeland and quite possibly, An Escape from Alcatraz, which thrillingly recreates the atmosphere of the giant prison.

Visit Belatra Games as soon as you can and experience their numerous services both in and outside the online gambling world.