US Politics

With the contentiousness of the 2016 presidential election between incumbents Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, political betting has never been more popular in the world of online gambling. In fact, at several newly-minted casinos, political betting has rushed to the forefront of all betting types, as it seeks to solidify itself as a viable means of using your in-depth knowledge of the political climate to increase your stack of cash.

This article will help you navigate the many different kinds of bets that are available as pertains to the political platform. Many people have made life-changing sums of money by parlaying their knowledge about presidential candidates and prime minister options in both the American and British systems of government into predictions. Find the sportsbook of your choice, and start benefitting from your store of your knowledge using the tips below.

The United States of America - Betting on US Presidents

No matter where you're located, it turns out that betting on the US Presidential run is more common than betting on anything else in the political arena. The beauty of this extremely popular platform is that, although presidents are only chosen every four or eight years, you can actually place a bet on who you think will be the next Commander-in-Chief at any point in time before the next bid.

You might wonder - how can the sportsbooks possibly know who the candidates will be? You can rest assured - practically all of the options will be served up in the books; you can place a bet as early as you like, or wait a bit until more names appear as candidates make a run for the most powerful position in the modern world. You'll find numerous names from the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and any Independents in the sportsbooks. Of course, you should continue to pay attention as the months pass and the actual election gets closer and closer, because the names will be cut down in favor of the most likely ones - you'll want to make sure your bet reflects the best chance.

Can You Bet on Other Political Elements?

Although it's usually the biggest game in town, presidential election bidding isn't the only type that's available at the best sportsbooks. Indeed; practically any element of political intrigue is fair game -- you can bet the next chairman of a municipal Chamber of Commerce or the next mayor of Los Angeles, for example.

Do you follow the ins-and-outs of the Us House of Representatives, for example? Then you can places bets on who you think will take the seats as we near the midterm elections. If the big fish is the only one you want to fry, then feel free to bet on the approval rating of the President of the United States during his current term.

If you're more interested in tackling bets in the British system of government, then you should understand what factors are most important in discerning who will become the next Prime Minister, Labour Party Leader or other top position. Nearly any substantial factor that you can think of may play an important role here - will there be a Majority? How about the candidates for Mayor of London? If there are enough people interested who have an opinion on it, you can rest assured that you'll be able to place a bet on the percentages at a sportsbook that has embraced the phenomenon of political betting.

In fact, the sportsbook opportunities are not only relegated to the American and British systems of government; you can also bet on substantial political meanderings occurring in other places in the world. Do you have an understanding of Aussie politics? Then perhaps you might want to bet on who will be the incumbent Prime Minister of Australia. The same goes for other countries where the political situation is well understood and can be readily tracked; such as Italy and Sweden. The same goes here as in the above America and British situations; you can bet on an assortment of different political benchmarks - such as the degree by one candidate wins.

Pick a Good Sportsbook for the Best Political Betting Experience

As stated, there's a lot of growing competition as political betting takes the online casino gaming world by storm. For starters, you'll want to pick one that offers you a wide range of betting opportunities. Obviously, the available pricing should be competitive; but does the sportsbook offer you the ability to bet on projected presidential terms, the number of votes by which a Prime Minister takes the victory, or the number of seats held by Democrats? To really delve into these questions, check the sportsbook onsite FAQs; but also visit any associated forums to find out info from knowledgeable political gamblers.

Overall, political betting is an exciting and potentially lucrative field to get into. Just make sure you perform due diligence before choosing a sportsbook, and you could be raking in the cash in no time at all.

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