Bitcoin Video Casino

Bitcoin Video Casino
Bitcoin Video Casino is an online casino in the Bitcoin gambling industry that exclusively uses Bitcoin. It is a fair site and offers anonymous play without registration. It has been functional in the cryptocurrency gambling industry since 2012. It has an expected return rate of at least 99.5%. The platform has so far paid out tens of thousands of BTC in winnings. Bitcoin Video Casino is known to offer the best odds in the industry. The platform is popular for its unique gaming experience as it has styled its game offerings close to the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas. Players on Bitcoin Video Casino can choose from a range of games including Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Dice, Craps and Keno.

Customer privacy is guaranteed as it also allows players to stay anonymous while placing bets as registration is not required on Bitcoin Video Casino. Moreover, all games are provably fair, and pay outs are instant. No Registration is required, no e-mail address required, just deposit and play. You can opt to choose a nickname that other players will see when you win big hands, this is available but that’s up to you. Withdrawals and deposits are instant. All you have to do is simply to send your bitcoins to the address provided and start playing promptly. All games have a progressive jackpot that increases with each game played, regardless of win or lose.

Bitcoin Video Casino does not offer a sign-up bonus… but they have a terrific referral program for you to earn by recruiting new players. They offer up to 25% of the house edge on your recruits. If you are hunting around for an online casino at which to play that is 100% unique and one that you can deposit, play and withdraw using Bitcoin, then Bitcoin Video Casino is the place for you. There is a retro look and feel to it and this site is worth taking a closer look at.

Also, Bitcoin Video Casino have real time chat room feature available, now not only can you utilize this chat feature to have a chat with your fellow players, but you will also notice when you activate it, that a list of recent winners are announced in the chat room. This winners information may annoy or distract you, however, if you are looking to see which casino games are paying out or those that are not paying out then this information you will see being updated in real time will be very valuable in allowing you to track down the games to play or possibly those you should avoid as they have just paid out a jackpot for example! A big attraction for casino game players who play at this casino site is that the players themselves can prove that the gaming suite they are playing at Bitcoin Video Casino are 100% fair and random. Many online casinos simply tell you their games are fair and random, whilst others leave it to third party auditing companies to verify their games are fair and random each month, however for complete peace of mind what better way to build confidence than by checking out for yourself how fair the games are!

These are the many different types of casino games which you can access and play for free or for real money using Bitcoins at the Bitcoin Video Casino site:

Video Poker: You can play Jacks or Better video poker at this casino sand when playing for maximum coins then a progressive jackpot is on offer for getting dealt a Royal Flush hand! Blackjack: The Blackjack game at the Bitcoin Video Casino is one game you will love playing, it is a fast playing game which is certified as being completely fair and as such a winning session could be coming your way, but you will have to play it to find out! Slot Game: The slot game on offer at this leading Bitcoin accepting casino site is a great playing game, for not only can you play multiple pay lines, but you could trigger a set of free spins when playing it, and to enable everyone to enjoy playing it they offer very low stake levels. Baccarat: What better way than starting your next gaming session than by sitting down to play Baccarat, one of the most laid back casino card games you really will have plenty of winning chances wish only three possible betting options it is a game any serious card player will enjoy. Roulette: We just know that you are going to enjoy playing the Roulette variant offered at the Bitcoin Video Casino, we really were impressed by the crystal clear graphics, and placing your wagers is a simple point and click operation so you will be playing it in no time with the minimum of effort required! Keno: One game that could see you winning some truly massive winning pay outs is the game of Keno, this is a simple picking game, where you need to try and predict a series of numbers that you hope will be fired out of the Keno machine, match as many as you can with your chosen numbers to win some large cash pay outs.

These games all listed above at the Bitcoin Video Casino are completely free of charge, and if you are a little wary of trying a new casino out, then make sure you play their games for free first for this will prove to you just how fair they are, and you will be playing at no risk and are never under any obligation to play for real money, but should you play for real then the winnings are yours to keep.

The casino has a colourful theme. The theme consists of multiple colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red) that make the site more interesting and also fun. The casino offers quite a number of games namely; Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Keno, Video Poker, Dice and also Craps. Bitcoin Video Casino games are Provably fair. Players at this site are able to verify each game and avoid unfair plays. The online platform is anonymous. Thus, players only access the game using their user ID. provides their players with a safe and secure gaming environment.

Bitcoin Video Casino is unlike any other online casino. This is because it has no registration process. In fact, the online platform does not require any registration. This means that once you log into you are given a User ID. The user ID will act as the player’s identification. Thus, it will be used for transactions between the player and the casino.

Bitcoin Video Casino players are anonymous. Therefore, players do not need to disclose any information for them to access the game. Players who prefer to withhold their information but still enjoy a good game are welcomed at this online platform.

Bitcoin Video Casino does not mention any software provider on their website. The casino urges its player to play with confidence since they provide completely fair games. According to their FAQ section, the casino states that the players are dealt with a completely random deck of cards at every game. The games are Provably fair. In addition, the casino makes all information available for verification of fair gaming. The casino provides players with a classic gaming environment. Thus, all the games played at this site are classic. In addition, players are given Free Credits. These free credits enable the player to test the game before actual betting.

Bitcoin Video Casino offers mobile friendly games. The casino allows mobile players to download and install the game app on their android phone. The app only supports Blackjack, Slots and Video Poker. It also integrates differently with the players mobile Bitcoin Wallet. To download the Android App, click on ‘Android App’ on the top right corner of your site. Scan the QR code or Click on the link provided. The App download is automatic and you are ready to go.

Bitcoin Video Casino is a simple and colourful casino offering a range of exciting gaming options to its bitcoin customers. This site is focused on simplicity with a smaller range of games than will be found at many other online casinos. In addition to this, the design is retro in style with graphics that remind us of an old school computer game. Video poker is the main focus of the site in terms of games available and this is the game offered on the homepage. However you can click through from main menu to find pages devoted to blackjack, roulette, keno, slots and dice games. Bitcoin Video Casino uses the cryptocurrency bitcoin exclusively as its method of payment. This means you can enjoy instant payments and withdrawals. The site is also proud of its commitment to fairness with all games ‘provably fair’ thanks to the random number generator used. The games at Bitcoin Video Casino are all available from the yellow main menu and there are only six options, so players who like lots of variety in terms of games and software providers might find this a little restrictive. The tagline at the top of the screen reads ‘Classic Fun for Serious Players’ so the site is mainly aiming the games at fans of classic casino games without the bells and whistles of other sites. On each games table you will find one game displayed clearly in front of you ready to play immediately.

To find the other games you click through the main menu and each page has one game to play. This gives no decisions to make regarding the game however this simplicity is sure to appeal to many players. In the top menu you will find the details about the more technical aspects of the site, such as the FAQ, provably fair page, the expected return page, and details on the API and the Android app.